Rats Control

Rats and Mice Make themselves comfortable in human Surroundings, finding and contaminate food, damages clothes and other materials. They spread disease such as plague, leptospirosis, murine typhus and rat bite fever.

Smaallest of the rodents found in homes, brown to grey in color. It prefers the ground leavel and can make nests in Sofas, upholstery, Old Files Insulation etc.

The Largest of Indian rats, it is found near garbage bins and refuse collection areas. It lives in burrows, often excavated in footpath tiles and concreate. It also spreads disease such as plague and leptospirosis.

Total rodent management solutions package especially for housing socities, common areas and compounds. it uses the latest materials such as our own low-dose rat bait roban for outdoor areas together with thorough and continuous monitoring for indoor areas, we advocate the use of do-it-yourself products such as our trubble Gum rodent glue traps.

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