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Pigeon Control

Are pigeon droppings making your property look ugly? Is cleaning off those shabby pigeon nests getting burdensome? Then time is right to get a life-time pigeon control solution. Both residential and commercial properties often complain of serious problems and damage that pigeons cause repeatedly. Pigeons’ droppings and nests mainly cause damage to the property by: Defacing the building Damaging equipment/machines/electrical utilities in commercial set up Spoiling lights and other utilities in residential and commercial buildings Moreover, they may also cause hazardous working and living conditions if their nests are located on or around electronic utilities like fan, machines, air conditioners, etc. Add to it the possibility of it transmitting diseases to people around through contamination of food products. Ultic offers a wide range of pigeon control solutions to address all these problems of both residential and commercial clients. We apply various methods to prevent pigeons from entering your premises. Cleaning and sanitizing, providing a net cover, using bird scaring and trapping tools and applying innovative methods to keep them away from making their nests at the exterior or interior of the property form a part of Ultic’s pigeon control solution options. Based on the intensity of the pigeon problem and the damage caused, we also offer customized solutions to our clients.